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When you suffer from chronic pain, or even persistent stiffness in your neck, back, arms, or legs, Dreckman Family Chiropractic of Simpsonville, SC can help free you from this pain through our expert chiropractic care. We are a family chiropractor specializing in back pain relief, neck pain relief, and accident pain. We also provide spinal decompression, which immediately relieves the pain of pinched or irritated nerves along the spine, pain that can radiate out along your arms or down your legs.

At our family chiropractic clinic, we take a gentle, holistic approach to treating your pain through the use of non-invasive spinal adjustments, stretches, and exercises. When you visit our practice, you will receive your initial consultation absolutely free. During this consultation, we will discuss what areas of your body are bothering you and how chiropractics can help in your situation. We will only take X-rays if absolutely necessary and will accurately diagnose your condition the first time.

Our family chiropractic practice is well known for providing relief from pinched nerves, sciatica, compressed discs, scoliosis, strained fascia, muscle pulls, and all other pain associated with the spine. We also treat neuropathy in patients of all ages, including diabetic patients. We will always give you an honest, educated assessment of your situation and realistic recommendations on the chiropractic treatments available to you. We will also advise you if there are better options for you than chiropractics can offer.

When you need excellent care from a family chiropractic in Simpsonville, SC, use Dreckman Family Chiropractic. We have a reputation for being gentle and effective at relieving all types of neck and back pain.

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