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If you are a mom-to-be, you know all too well that the changes happening to your body put strains on areas that were once in balance. Between the stress placed on your body by the baby and the common weight gain of 25-30 pounds, you may experience severe discomfort. This occurs most often in your lower back as you strain to compensate for your altered center of gravity. Dreckman Family Chiropractic of Simpsonville, SC provides high level prenatal chiropractic care that will alleviate these symptoms.

Our practice has chiropractic tables that are specially designed to adjust to a pregnant woman’s body, just as the techniques we use put no pressure on the abdomen. As a prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Dreckman’s Webster certification means he is specially trained to work with pelvic balance during pregnancy. We will also teach you stretching and exercising techniques that are approved for use during pregnancy and that will help eliminate discomforts associated with your changing body.

When you visit our pregnancy chiropractic clinic, we will give you effective back pain relief and neck pain relief through gentle spinal decompression, movement therapy, stretching, and easy exercises that will strengthen your lower back to properly support your growing baby and restore your balance. Your displaced weight causes stress on your joints and spinal discs. Chiropractic adjustments are the safest way to relieve these pains.

While you are pregnant, your body naturally relaxes your ligaments and joints to make way for the changes occurring. In the eight weeks following birth, these ligaments begin to retighten, which can cause additional pain and stiffness. Our clinic also provides postnatal services to treat the resulting muscle tension, rib pain, back pain, and headaches as your body returns to its original state.

Ease the pain and strain on your body with prenatal chiropractic in Simpsonville, SC. Get effective prenatal care now from Dreckman Family Chiropractic.

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