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When you think of chiropractics, you may not think of a child seeing a chiropractor. The truth is, spinal imbalances can and do occur at every age. In children, they can occur from a difficult birth or play injury, or scoliosis can develop. Growth spurts also put a great deal of pressure on the spine and the rest of the body. If you have heard about “growing pains,” they are a real thing, and Dreckman Family Chiropractic of Simpsonville, SC is the children’s chiropractic doctor who can relieve these pains.

At our kids’ chiropractic clinic, we take an exceptionally gentle approach to spinal decompression and adjustments. Dr. Dreckman uses no more pressure than you would use when testing a ripe tomato, yet his adjustments are highly effective and painless and provide fast relief from the discomforts young spines experience. As a children’s chiropractor, we see incredible results in infants responding to chiropractic care, especially in babies who cry “too much” and cannot be comforted.

If your child needs back pain relief or neck pain relief, our chiropractic center is the solution. From pediatric gastrointestinal conditions to posture correction and youth sports injuries, our practice will provide the care your child needs to return to a healthy, well-balanced, fully functional life without pain or discomfort. We will also be able to detect areas of concern that can be treated now, avoiding major problems in the future. Your child deserves the expert care our office has to offer!

For the most recommended specialist in pediatric chiropractic in Simpsonville, SC, look no further than Dreckman Family Chiropractic. We welcome infants and children of all ages into our safe and effective care.

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